Satellite / digital

UK Primary Television


UK Satellite

(non pan-continental) SKY, BT, Virgin, Talk Talk etc


Streamed content available via 7-30 day catch up services such as 4OD, ITVplayer.

This comes under TV usage.

SVOD (Subscription Video-on-demand): Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV, Apple TV


Commercial, theatrical cinema venues


Internet is defined as a worldwide, publicly accessible network of interconnected computer networks. Online media space is purchased on an individual basis.

Paid on-line advertising

Including VOD, pre-rolls, banners and click-through links on webpages and on-line media and social media (eg Timesonline, YouTube, Facebook)

Non-Paid online – Client’s own channels to share the advertising – eg Client website, Client YouTube channel, Client social media and sometimes partners websites. So a client like Avios may also have their ad on British Airways site and Shell and Tesco for example.

PR and Showreel Internet use – creative parties websites and social media – agency, Production Company for reviews & news on sites like Campaign, Marketing, David Reviews, Marketing Week, Shots, etc.


Audio/ video files distributed over the Internet for playback on portable media players, devices and paid for (profit) or free distribution.


Using social networks to increase brand awareness. Usually sent as electronic mail ie. Video clips, interactive flash games, ebooks, images etc. Also includes gifs.


an entertainment programme, not exceeding 5 minutes in duration, produced for exhibition on the screen of a hand held device Out of Home (OOH): Marketing in public places/ transit / waiting / commercial locations.


OOH tends to refer to poster print campaigns.

DOOH (also known as Digital signage): Out of home advertising on digital displays. Eg. Digital billboards, moving escalator commercials, and large screens in public places


DOOH tends to be short specific creative, and not a full length 40 or 60 commercial.

Outdoor print: Eg. Printed, static image in public location. Eg: posters, bulletins, transits, terminals/stations, escalator panels, bus stops, bus sides.


Most print work is used on-line in some format too.

In Store: In the store where the product is bought. Print and/or digital In-store tends to be used for Film – when shown on a screen – eg Airport duty free, retail shop, car dealership etc.

Point of sale

Advertising at the place where the product is bought POS is usually print materials at the point of purchase – so card board stands, in-store posters,posters,shelf inserts etc.

Other print

Eg. Consumer and trade magazines, newspapers supplements, inserts, mailers, brochures, in-store leaflets, POS materials, postcards.


Still images, usually involving a stand-alone stills shoot (separate to the moving media broadcast campaign)

Screen grabs

Still images taken from frames within the commercial to be used in print or digital.


Print/ Digital

Billboards (national): Print/ Digital

Transport inc. TFL: OOH/DOOH

Transport exc. TFL: OOH/DOOH

National Press

Print and/or digital – Newspaper & Magazine advertising, including App and Digital versions (like Kindle etc).

Regional Press

Print and/or digital. As above Direct Mail (0-1m/1-2m): Advertising mail, also known as direct mail (by its senders), junk mail (by its recipients), mailshot or admail, is the delivery of advertising material to recipients of postal mail.


Advertising on-board an airline. Eg. In-flight entertainment, magazines, tray tables, seatbacks etc.

ATL (Above The Line)

Media that are broadcast and published to large audiences, such as

TV, internet, cinema, radio, print, OOH (tends to have large budget)

BTL (Below The Line)

involves targeted audience specific advertising, usually with shorter duration and smaller budgets such as direct mail/email, flyers, POS, brochures, sales

Promotions, retailer promotions, retailer publications (eg Asda magazine), internet use such as retailer website.

Experiential Advertising – event based campaigns where there is some direct interaction with the consumer/audience.

Digital Windows – Where commercials/films are broadcast to the public from retailer’s window – facing out towards the street not internal as in-store.

Virtual Reality/VR

The computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen or phone inside. Mainly mobile use at present.


60” master, with perhaps a 20” cutdown. Try to replace the word ‘lengths’ with cutdown’. No additional fees needed.

Versions/Edits/Variations: Either get these terms removed, or ask for clarification as to why they are needed. If more than ONE commercial is made, 100% of the buyout is applicable.


These are end-frame changes (ie: Sale Ends Monday) but they must not change the product or the story of the commercial.

*In the event that anything is not covered above, or you need further clarification please contact the CWP via Catherine at The PMA <a href=””></a>